Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lampard toom a dig at the WAGS by praising her 'hard working' girlfriend Christine Bleakley

Just last month Elen Rivas gave a candid interview in which she claimed her ex Frank Lampard 'put her in a bubble' of being a home-maker and mother.

Now, the Chelsea footballer has given a revealing interview of his own, in which he appears to dismiss jobless WAGs and gushes over his TV presenter girlfriend Christine Bleakley's work ethic.

'Christine is very hard-working and we are very similar in our mindsets, liking to work hard,' the 32-year-old told a tabloid newspaper. 'We are our own biggest critics.'

In what appears to be thinly-veiled dig at the notorious WAG culture, Lampard tells the Sun: 'Certain people can expect things to come to them and have an easy ride in life, but Christine does not. She has worked since she was 15 or 16.

'She has worked hard to get where she is. To see someone working hard at what they do and getting the benefits is very impressive.'

The midfielder, who has been dating the Daybreak host for 18 months, adds: 'I have got nothing but admiration for the way Christine has kept her head down at her new show. She is one of the hardest-working people I know.'

'When she gets out of bed at three in the morning I have to give her a pat on the back. Admiration does not sound the right word to use about your girlfriend but I have huge respect for what she does.'

His esteem for 32-year-old Bleakley's career comes a month after ex Elen's interview with the Daily Mail, in which she criticises the father of her children.

'Frank put me in a bubble,' the Dancing On Ice contestant said, speaking candidly last month for the first time about the break-up in November 2008.

'I used to decorate our homes, look after the children, of course, cook the dinner, sort out the clothes, but I couldn't do many other things. I suppose that it's the way some men love you.

'But the thing is, when a man puts you in a bubble like that, what happens? He comes home and he's got a hundred things in his head and you've got nothing to speak about but the children and the house.

'A woman needs to have other interests,' the 35-year-old - who is now in a high-profile relationship with Peter Andre - said.

Lampard also gave his two cents on his girlfriend's rough start on new show Daybreak.

'Christine is a lot better at handling (criticism) than I am,' he said. 'It is water off a duck's back.

'She just carries on doing her job and it is good to see them getting the rewards now,' Frank told the paper. 'She is not trying to be the big celebrity, just continuing to do her job and working hard.'

Indeed, Bleakley and her Daybreak co-host Adrian Chiles this week spoke of their relief over improved ratings for the ITV breakfast show.

After being ravaged by critics and suffering a plunge in viewers, the show is experiencing a change in fortunes.

‘We set ourselves up for a kicking, which we duly got,' Chiles said of the high-publicity launch in September.

'It’s been a stressful time but we feel that things are moving in the right direction. The scars and bruises are now starting to heal.’

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