Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ajax chief on how they forced Liverpool to pay bizarre Suarez fee! Interesting!

Ajax chief Rik van den Boog has revealed how they played hardball with Liverpool over the sale of Luis Suarez.
Though they received a "bizarre" price for Suarez, Van den Boog still has mixed feelings over the striker's sale.
"Liverpool came in first with twelve million euros because there were people in the Netherlands that had established Luis could leave for fifteen million euros," he told NUSport.
"We said, 'Ha, if that is what you're offering, fine, he will stay with us'.
"'Come on,' they said, 'no one is going to offer 15 million euros for a player from The Netherlands. Cut the c*** and sell him to us.'
"We continued to stand firm. They could not believe it. Eventually they tempted us with that bizarre amount."
Ajax sold Suarez to Liverpool for €26.5 million.

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