Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wesley Sneijder marries Yolanthe!

Dutch footballer Wesley Sneijder married model and Dutch TV presenter Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen in a ceremony in Tuscany that could only be described as a fashion own goal.

Yolanthe, while unquestionably beautiful in white, wore a dress that would not appeal to all brides - over-the-top as it was with layers, hoops and lace.

And Wesley's choice of outfit was almost as breathtaking as some of the fouls perpetrated by his Netherlands side in their World Cup final defeat by Spain.

The diminutive Dutch midfielder, 26, chose a hideous pale blue shiny suit, which appeared ill-fitting in places and was in serious danger of starting a static electricity fire wherever he went.

The bride and groom could be forgiven for their lack of fashion taste - it was their special day after all - but some of the guests were also dressed in questionable outfits.

Wesley and Yolanthe have been dating for less than a year, after the international and Inter Milan player, who last year won the Champions League and Serie A title, left his wife and four-year-old son last summer.

Wesley's affair with 25-year-old Yolanthe - considered Holland's most glamorous TV presenter - was a scandal that engrossed his home nation.

Their secret relationship was revealed when closed-circuit TV footage of the pair kissing in a car park was broadcast in Holland last year, at a time when Van Kasbergen was living with the country's most famous pop star, Jan Smit.

At the time there was a fierce backlash against Sneijder and his girlfriend, and overwhelming sympathy for Smits, Sneijder's wife, Ramona, and the former couple's little boy, Jessey.

But predictably, given the fickle nature of celebrity, that has now evaporated.

The couple announced their engagement at Christmas and have since been planning the Tuscany wedding - although attire must have been put on the back burner.

They were married in a church in the Church of San Giusto e Clemente in Castelnuovo Berardenga, about nine miles from Siena.

Yolanthe arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and the couple released doves during their ceremony.


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