Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top managers one sided prediction for World Cup winner..Guess which country?

On the day of the biggest game in world football, it’ll be best to ask some of the best in the business to give us their predictions for the World Cup final. 

SIR ALEX FERGUSON: Spain are in the best form of the tournament, improving with every game after a slowish start. They passed the ball brilliantly against Germany and are strong in midfield, which is important. Holland are well organised enough to make it difficult.

HARRY REDKNAPP: Watching Spain is a great lesson in how to play football. Xavi and Andres Iniesta prove size doesn't matter – it is ability that counts. The Barcelona influence on their team is huge and any young kid here can learn from the way they pop the ball about. 

DAVID MOYES: Holland will be worthy opponents for Spain. They have excelled themselves to get this far and only a fool would write them off in what will be a very close final. But Spain look stronger all-round with their Barcelona influence. I fancy them to win it.  

SLAVEN BILIC: Holland have not impressed me as much as they did in Euro 2008 or even the last World Cup, yet they are in the final. Spain spoilt us in 2008, they haven't been as exciting this time, but they were very good against Germany and will be better against the Dutch. 

MARTIN O'NEILL: Somebody asked me before the semis were played and I thought Spain had not shown their true ability in the earlier rounds. They seemed to have scrambled through and you always feel there is a major, major game for them to win. So I go for Spain. 

CHRIS HUGHTON: Howard Webb will do a first-class job and both teams will be happy to have such a strong man in charge. I think Spain will edge it. Germany had been the most impressive team in South Africa so I have to choose the team who beat them. 

JOHAN CRUYFF: Spain have always had good players and never a team - now they have one. If they get into their rhythm, they should win. I know the whole of Holland wanted to play Germany in the final because they fear Spain will simply keep the ball for 90 minutes. 

Total score, Spain 5-0 Holland


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