Monday, July 19, 2010

Messi's first step to become a fashion designer- by counting on his famous pals

Being one of the planet's best footballers is not enough for Lionel Messi
The Barcelona and Argentina hero is now planning to take over the fashion world with his own clothing range.

Alongside his footie practice, the little wizard has been cooking up clobber plans for months now.

But he's counting on some famous pals to help him make it a success.
His idea is to sign a sport, movie, or music star to be an ambassador in each major city around the globe.

So far his wish list features Chelsea's Frank Lampard for London, Man United's Wayne Rooney for Manchester, rapper Jay-Z for New York, footballer David Beckham for LA and actor Colin Farrell for Dublin.

Wayne must be the face of the footwear, surely?

Anyway, if they all agree, it could eclipse any other lads' fashion campaign around.

Messi said: "I have been working on it for a few months.

"It would be me in Barcelona. We've approached Wayne for Manchester, Frank for London, and Colin for Dublin.

"We have spoken with Jay-Z for New York and the dream is to have David for LA.

"I already have Alessandro Nesta and (rapper) Lupe Fiasco in Milan and Chicago.

"It will be high-end clothes and accessories for men. I'd like to open the initial shops by next summer.

"If we get all the names we are trying for, we can be the most famous and best men's fashion brand in the world."


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