Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gareth Bale is fast, but he is still not the fastest in Premier League!! Guess who??

Sunsport boffins have analysed slo-mo footage of Gareth Bale's blistering run to set up Roman Pavlyuchenko for Spurs' third goal and discovered that he ran the 37 yards in just 3.5seconds.

But he is not the fastest player in the Premier League. Here's SunSport's guide to the top-flight's top 10 speedsters...

1. Walcott 22.72mph
2. Drogba 22.27
2. Torres 22.27
4. Anelka 22.05
4. Fabregas 22.05
6. A Cole 22.05
7. Clichy 21.82
7. Rooney 21.82
9. Bale 21.62
10. Gerrard 21.60

(Top speed achieved on any run in Premier League in 2009)


Mithul said...

load of bollocks...I stopped reading after seeing Fabregas at 4

Anonymous said...

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