Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mancini screamed "Go **** your mother" at Tevez! As Man Utd fan, I LOVE this so much!

 Roberto Mancini launched a four-letter rant at Carlos Tevez in a vicious dressing-room bust-up.

Tevez swung his arms at the Manchester City boss who poured out a stream of insults at his skipper during Sunday's clash with Newcastle.

Mancini was heard screaming: "Go **** your mother" before ordering the striker to shut up because he was the boss. The row erupted at half-time during City's 2-1 win at Eastlands.

City boss Mancini was furious at his team's performance but Tevez began to complain that the side was not set up properly and were playing too defensively.

Mancini then made the mother insult and Argentina star Tevez leapt up and confronted his boss, who in turn charged towards the player.

City team-mates and staff grappled to keep the pair from thumping one another. After Tevez, 26, was forced to sit back down Mancini continued to lay into the players. The Italian then stormed out of the dressing room into the tunnel.

Tevez followed and later they shook hands after the player was subbed.

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