Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ledley King celebrates his 30th birthday with 30 girls!!!!

England ace Ledley King celebrated his 30th birthday with a booze-fuelled party for a handful of mates - plus 30 girls they rounded up.

The fellas were outnumbered three to one after pals toured a hotel bar handing out VIP pink wristbands for women to join them in the penthouse.

A source at London's five-star Mayfair Hotel said: "It all seemed a bit tame at first, with a dinner in the restaurant. Then they really cranked it up.

"Ledley and a couple of his friends went upstairs while the rest handed wristbands to the best looking girls in the bar.

"There were two security staff on the lift only letting women with wristbands up to the penthouse.

"There could only have been ten or so blokes - but there must have been 30 women.

"Maybe it was one for every year."

The hotel's lavish penthouse suite - which boasts panoramic views over central London - costs £3,000 a night.

The defender and his chums checked in on Saturday. Fellow guests the same night included X Factor judge Louis Walsh, Jedward and US singer Usher - although none of them joined the party.

The source said: "There was a free bar, including as much vodka and champagne as you could drink.

"It's fair to say Ledley celebrated his birthday in style. He didn't end up leaving until 6pm on Sunday."

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