Friday, December 23, 2011

The amazing statistics behind Premier League's 20,000 goals

The Premier League's 20,000th goal was scored when Marc Albrighton netted for Aston Villa against Arsenal in the 54th minute of their match at Villa Park.

Barclays, the league's sponsors, will be handing over a £20,000 donation to the 22-year-old winger after his milestone goal, which will be donated to a charity of the Albrighton's choice.

To celebrate such a landmark moment, have looked at some of the most interesting statistics to emerge from the rebranded top-flight in the last two decades.

Premier League highest scorers by position

* Goalkeeper: Paul Robinson, one goal
Right-back: Dan Petrescu, 25 goals
Centre-back: John Terry, 27 goals
Centre-back: Sami Hyypia, 24 goals
Left-back: David Unsworth, 41 goals
Right midfield: Cristiano Ronaldo, 84 goals
Central midfield: Paul Scholes, 103 goals
Central midfield: Frank Lampard, 147 goals
Left midfield: Ryan Giggs, 106 goals
Striker: Alan Shearer, 260 goals
Striker: Andy Cole, 188 goals

* Goalkeepers Brad Friedel and Peter Schmeichel have also scored a goal.

Premier League goals in numbers
20000 - Aston Villa winger Marc Albrighton scored the 20,000th goal in Premier League history against Arsenal on December 21, 2011 at Villa Park.

1063 - The amount of goals scored last season, which saw the highest goals-per-game ratio ever in the Premier League era at an impressive average of 2.80 goals per match.

931 - The worst year for goals was 2006-07, where only 931 were scored at an average of just 2.45 for each game.

11 - The amount scored in the highest ever scoring Premier League match, which was Portsmouth 7-4 Reading in September 2007. Reading were also involved in the match tied second in those standings, as they went on to lose 6-4 to Tottenham just three months after that crazy game at Fratton Park. 

9 - Two teams have scored nine times in a solitary game. Manchester United beat Ipswich 9-0 in 1995, while Tottenham hammered Wigan 9-1 more recently, in November 2009.

102 - The minute in which the latest Premier League goal was scored, when Dirk Kuyt netted after 101 minutes and 28 seconds against Arsenal in April of this year. Juan Mata (100:03) is second after his strike against Norwich in August.

10 - The number of seconds it took Ledley King to score the fastest Premier League goal in history against Bradford City in December 2000. Alan Shearer (10.4 seconds) and Mark Viduka (11.1 seconds) are close behind.

1079 - The number of goals scored at Old Trafford, which perhaps unsurprisingly has witnessed more than any other ground in the Premier League era. Tottenham are known as an entertaining team to watch, which is backed up by the fact White Hart Lane sits second in the list on 1047. Stamford Bridge (1033) and Anfield (1007) are the only other grounds to have seen more than a thousand.

5795 - London is far and away the city which has seen more Premier League goals than any other. Liverpool (1973) edges out Manchester (1926) for second place. Birmingham is fourth with 1175.

12 - In contrast, Swansea is the city which has seen the least amount of Premier League goals, with just 12 so far in the past two decades. Burnley (55), Barnsley (60), Swindon (70) and Blackpool (71) are the other cities which have been starved of top-flight goal action.

260 - Alan Shearer is the highest Premier League goalscorer with 260, Andy Cole is second with 188 and Thierry Henry is in third spot having netted 174 times in the top-flight. Robbie Fowler (163) and Les Ferdinand (151) round off the top five.

149 - Of all active current Premier League players, Michael Owen of Manchester United has the most goals to his name with 149. Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney are not far behind in second and third respectively.

15000 - After much build up and anticipation, Fulham full-back Moritz Volz was the unlikely scorer of the Premier League's last big milestone goal.

10000 - Les Ferdinand was the man who scored the 10,000th goal in Premier League history for Tottenham against Fulham in December 2001.

1 - So who scored the first ever goal? That was Brian Deane playing for Sheffield United, who defeated Manchester United 2-1 in 1992 to kick off the era. The goal is often wrongly credited to Teddy Sheringham, but his strike for Nottingham Forest was simply the first one to be scored in a live televised Premier League match.

1222 - The amount of goals scored in the first Premier League season, 1992-93 - a tally which was never beaten, mainly because the top-flight was cut from 22 teams to 20, and from 42 games to 38, just three seasons after the new division had been created.


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