Thursday, July 7, 2011

English superkid offered Barcelona trials after being spotted in kickabout by coaching staff

Barcelona have offered trials to seven year-old English footie fan Kai Fifield.

Kai, seven, did not realise the other lads were in Barcelona’s youth team and was amazed when he was offered a trial for the academy which has produced players like Lionel Messi.

British Kai was on a tour of the club’s Nou Camp stadium with dad Delaney when he asked to join the boys playing on a pitch near the ground.

Delaney, 38, told the Mirror: “Kai couldn’t resist it. We thought it was local lads having a kickabout.

“He was like a little blonde dot dribbling round these Spanish lads who were all three years older.

“After an hour the other kids changed into the same kit and said they were Barcelona’s youth team.

“A coach said Kai must have a trial – we couldn’t believe it.

“They were very persistent so we cancelled our flights home, which were booked for the next day, and stayed all week. He was fantastic – he wasn’t nervous at all.

“He plays just like his hero Messi. His dribbling is mesmerising but he’s unselfish too.

“I would pack our bags and move there tomorrow if they asked.”

The coaches described Kai, of Northampton, as “very, very good” after his trial with the under-8s.

But the youngster will have to wait several weeks before finding out if he has made it into Barcelona’s famed youth academy.


Yousef T. said...

very good

I was more skill when i was in this age

now am 14 y


neTToboy said...

@ Yousef, then probably you can send your football footage to Barcelona? just try your luck :)

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