Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mourinho shoots down Casillas's request and Raul was paid €14 to leave Real Madrid

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has attempted to have coach Jose Mourinho change his training schedule - without success.

Marca says the latest in a long line of failed requests from Casillas was to change the time of the morning training from 10am to 11am. Casillas argued that it would give players with young children the chance to drop them off at school before carrying onto Valdebebas.

However, it was pointed out that only two players - Ricardo Carvalho and Jerzy Dudek - have children of school age and Mourinho quickly knocked the idea on its head.

Despite his struggles at Schalke, Real Madrid legend Raul is still laughing all the way to the bank.

Raul has come in for heavy criticism as Schalke has struggled for form in the opening weeks of the Bundesliga.
However, ABC says one bright note for Raul is the staggering €14 million pay-off he received from Real for leaving the club with over a year still to run on his contract.

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