Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cheating Peter Crouch tried wipe his details from hotel's records after bedding teen hooker

Cheating Peter Crouch sneaked out of the hotel where he bedded a 19-year-old hooker - but not before shamelessly trying to cover his tracks.

It was around 7am when he stopped at reception, realising his credit card details were clear evidence of his visit.

The footballer asked staff if his name could be changed so there would be no record he had paid for the room. But his name was not just on the booking. A log kept at the hotel to update staff warned them that the England star was a VIP guest.

A hotel insider told us: "Peter Crouch paid with a credit card for the room and the prostitute gave her passport details. It is a sex scandal. He's an idiot to ruin his relationship with this low-rent girl."

After having sex with Monica, Crouch returned to the taxi still waiting outside for him and was driven to the Puerta del Sol area of the Spanish capital.

The driver told us: "He kept looking around and asking if anyone had seen him. He was suspicious.

"In the end he said, 'Thank you very much, my friend'. Peter gave me 100 Euro (£82.91) for waiting and driving him back."

Crouch's sordid escapade was fraught with difficulties from the start.

When he agreed the 1,000 Euro fee for Monica's services he didn't have enough cash.
Monica, which is her working girl name, said: "Peter didn't have enough money so we had to stop at a cashpoint.

"It was kind of funny because the first three he tried he couldn't get money out of. We had to drive to a fourth where he was finally able to get my cash."

After bedding Monica, Crouch enjoyed two more nights partying the weekend away with his mates.

Their second night was spent drinking and dancing in a VIP section of the popular Pacha nightclub.

But that was only after Crouch and his pals went back to their hotel to freshen up after initially being barred from entering for being inappropriately dressed.

The stag party were also mucking about in the street, joking with passers-by and laughing at the groom, who they'd dressed in a bright pink spandex bodysuit.

One onlooker said: "It looked like any typical stag do - a group of boozy guys causing a bit of a ruckus. They all looked quite drunk and were stumbling about.

"It was funny when Peter was turned away from the club. Clearly they didn't care that he was a famous England footballer."

His millionaire lifestyle is a world away from the life Monica leads, working as a prostitute to save money to buy land in her native Algeria.

She went to Madrid from the north African country just under a year ago with hopes of becoming an air stewardess. Shortly after she arrived a man offered her money for sex and, short of cash, she accepted.

She quickly moved into prostitution full-time. Her best month was January when she earned 25,000 Euro but most months she makes 10,000 Euro from a total of ten clients.

Well-educated, she is close to her middle-class Christian family back in Algeria, who are unaware she is working as a hooker.

Monica told us: "I don't think what happened between myself and Peter really matters, it is not real life.

"I am a professional person, so is he. We all make mistakes.

"In my experience I think it is normal for footballers to sleep with other women, including prostitutes. I don't necessarily think it's because they don't love their partners.

"He seems a nice guy. I hope he realises what he has got and doesn't behave like this again."


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