Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did Christine Bleakley really had a boob job to seduce Lampard?

Looks like Christine Bleakley has a pair of outstanding new strikers up front as she hits South Africa to support boyfriend Frank Lampard.

The sudden change in the telly golden girl's appearance is startling - as below eye-popping pictures show.

Compare the flat-chested BBC publicity shot taken just months ago to her new bustier figure on Friday.

And it sparked speculation that Christine, 31, has had a boob job to gain a couple of cup sizes.

The One Show star, who yesterday flew into Johannesburg for England's game with Germany, is not saying anything. But for eagle-eyed fans there's no question. . . it's definitely The Two Show!

A television source told the News of the World: "Everyone's really stunned to see this incredible change in her. She certainly now has a lot more up top. And that's perfect for TV - you need bags of front when you're interviewing celebrities every day!"

But Belfast beauty Christine always insisted she is NOT like the other glamour-hungry WAGs of the England stars. Just a few months ago she pointed to her natural brunette hair and proclaimed: "I am so not a WAG - look at me!"

But she had moaned to pals that all the training for her cross-Channel Sport Relief waterski challenge earlier this year had ruined her figure. Her 32B bust dipped to a tiny 32A as the workouts beefed up her muscles. It left her feeling insecure around some of the other curvy WAGS, such as Victoria Beckham, who have had boob jobs.

Size 8 Christine admitted publicly: "I hated looking like the Michelin Man. . . my arms looked like tree trunks!"

And she frankly told pals: "My boobs just completely disappeared - it was mortifying. I was like a man on top."

Christine's body worries were heightened by the fact that she is now in the heat of her serious new relationship with Lampard, 32. Friends say she is besotted and wants to settle down with him.

Christine had planned to stay home for the World Cup but a close source told us: "She and Lamps have got so close she had a change of heart and jumped on a plane. She was so excited about seeing him."


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