Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joe Cole proudly cuddles his newborn daughter

The Chelsea footballer's delight was apparent as he carefully held his baby girl Ruby Tatiana close to him after a family day out. The 28-year-old midfielder beamed down at his one-month-old as he arrived back from a trip to the park with wife Carly today.

He even proudly showed her off to a couple of neighbours as he stood outside his west London home. Ruby Tatiana, who was born on March 18 at London's private Portland hospital, and weighed 6lb 3oz, is the couple's first child.

Title-chasing Joe and Carly, 25, wrapped her up snug as they took her for a walk round the park. And despite only giving birth a month ago, Carly looked in terrific shape in leggings, knee-high boots and fitted shirt.

This week, Carly showed baby Ruby Tatiana off to the world in Hello! magazine.
And she revealed that she let her husband choose their daughter's name, as a reward for his support during her 16-hour labour.

In an interview to accompany a photo shoot for the glossy magazine, she said: 'I told Joe if he was good when I was in labour he could choose. Proud parents: Joe and Carly, who grabbed a coffee, take a stroll down the King's Road.

Carly said Cole was a hands-on father who changes nappies and she predicted that Ruby Tatiana will be a 'daddy's girl'. She said: 'He's more of a worrier than me and I think he'll be protective.' And she said she's already taking after her famous father, adding: She is absolutely a mini-Joe. He's already talking about what sports he wants to play - he wants her to learn to play tennis.'

Joe Cole, don't say we didn't warn you...Don't let John Terry goes near your wife..You won't know what might happen with Terry around ;p


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