Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walcott's girlfriend rejected her 21st birthday present- £140,000 Ferrari

Theo Walcott's girlfriend Melanie Slade has rejected the £140,000 Ferrari he bought for her 21st birthday.

Student Mel says the 193mph California, with personalised plates, is "too flash" to drive at university. She thought it was a waste of money.

She told pals she wished the Walcott was less showy with his cash and thinks the blinging motor is "vulgar". Blonde Mel prefers to drive the modest white £20,000 VW Beetle he bought her three years ago.

Theo, 20, who has struggled with injury, now drives the supercar instead.

Theo, who earns £60,000 a week, is thought to be paying annual insurance of more than £20,000 for the Italian dream car, which he bought in November.

Mel doesn't want the WAG lifestyle. She was embarrassed her uni mates knew she had a car worth so much when some students struggle to have enough money to eat.

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